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We are a Boat, Yacht, and Jet Ski Broker operating from Cairns in Australia.

When it comes to getting boats and any other watercraft, whether for personal or commercial use, there is no better place to come than to us. We assist you in getting exactly what you need. We understand the significance of the boating culture in Australia and why you would like to be part of this culture. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by water, and the sea offers anyone with an eye for adventure a space to explore and conquer.

Owning a boat, jet ski or yacht gives the opportunity to spread your oars literally and enjoy the freedom that the sea has to offer. Beyond that, it also presents you with an opportunity to spend time and make beautiful memories with friends and families while at sea. Whether you like fishing, sailing, cruising, or water sports, we can get you suitable boats for your purpose so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. We know how to find what they want through our network of manufacturers, dealerships, and suppliers.

Speed Boat


We can assist you with getting all kinds of boats either directly from the manufacturers or from dealerships. No matter the brand boat you want, you can count on us.

Motor yacht


Not everyone can afford a boat, and even fewer people can afford a yacht. It is the prime example of luxury. If you are considering getting a yacht, we can connect you with the manufacturers who will help you build custom yacht. We can also get you preowned yacht from private sellers.

Fifty Something Man

Jet Skis

Having a jet ski turns the water into your playground. Nothing else can replace the thrilling experience that you get from a jet ski. We can help you get all kinds of jet skis.

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Should you not have enough credit for your chosen boat, you could reach out to any financial institution of your choice and apply for credit at given interest rates. Most financial institutions offer low-interest rates, easy and cheap loan repayments, no arbitrary or ambiguous charges and safe and quick application procedures.



The idea of insurance is something that anyone who owns a car is probably familiar with due to the mandatory nature of car insurance. In the same way that car insurance is compulsory, boat insurance is also compulsory for anyone who buys a boat. It is a legal requirement put in place to protect other people using the waterways from any damage or injury caused by your boat.

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